Cross Cultural Design Collaboration


JASSO short stay program in Chiba University Cross Cultural Design Collaboration 2014,  Aug.20-30

The JASSO Short Stay program will be held in Aug.20-30 inviting foreign students of the partnership universities, for providing a kind of opportunity of cross cultural collaboration for community design to solve  the issue of the community from the view points of different cultural background.  This program is composes of two parts. The first three days will be a study tour to visit different landscape design project sites and next one week will be an intensive studio workshop.

Aug. 20 – 22   Study tour       The detail of the program will be announced later

Aug. 25-30   Studio Workshop   /Prof. Kinoshita, Assoc. Prof. Akita, Assoc. Prof. Ye

Site   West side area of Matsudo Railway Station 

Theme   Cross Cultural Community Design for the Enhancement of the District around  Matsudo Westside Park

Keywords   Public Space, Livable Space, Art,  Community, Identity , Globalization

Aim: 1) To find out what will make the local identity, from intercultural works by the foreign- and Japanese students through the research of sight visiting, interviews to the people, and other experimental trials.  2) To think about the relationship of Identity and Sustainability and integrate its idea into the concept for the community design to be shared with the local people. 3) To make the proposal contributing neighborhood improvement which may be realized or give anything stimulation for the revitalization of the area.

The Site :  The district of Matsudo Westside Park is the commercial area declining and the Westside Park is not so much used.  For the revitalization of the area, the leaders of neighborhood and volunteers including artists have  been recently trying an art projects, called art line project.  By linking with this new movement, this studio is required to propose any idea of enhancement of public open spaces and further sustainable development of the area. If possible, this year we want to find the way of realization.

Collaboration with  Matsudo Machizukuri( Kaigi (Community Development Forum)

Program :  Basically by  group work of three or four students from different countries

Aug. 25 (Mo)  Introduction /  Exploring the area / Haiku Making from the first impression/  Haiku presentation & communication with local people 

26 (Tue)  Active listening and identifying issues and target sites

27 (Wed)  District Plan      Short Presentation to community

28 (Thu)   Design the sites

29 (Fry)    Brash Up for Presentation

30 (Sat)    Final Presentation  to the community

Language :  Basically in English,   some of Chiba University students and the people in the community may not be able to speak English fluently  but it may be not so big problem from the previous experiences.  It is a part of cross cultural collaborative experience to communicate beyond language barrier.

  (The program may have the possibility to be changed by the local situation)